Pride and Potpourri

“We should do this more often,” I told my friend.

I was with her at Urban Solace, Bangalore, in a room where a bunch of people had been cheering, clapping and high-fiving one another every two minutes. We had been playing Potpourri for almost an hour and a half and I had ended up laughing more than I had laughed in the whole week. I hadn’t realised I missed word games so much. Dumb charades, Pictionary, 20 Questions – I loved it. I had made new friends there too. And met an old one I hadn’t talked to in over six months. To top it all, I had gotten myself a free copy of Bhaavna Arora’s new book, a glass of green tea on the house and so many thoughts to munch over.

“Yes, we should,” she replied. “They have events like these every weekend before the parade.”

“Chalo chalo.”

I went ahead and checked out their calendar. It’s full of things for all artforms: singing, dancing, poetry, visual arts, storytelling and even drink-mixing. If you ask me, I think you should come along too. This weekend, in particular, they have:

Who are these lovely people who organise events like these every weekend?

Well, they are the soul of Namma Pride 2016. They are individuals who are either proud members of the LGBTQIA community or whole-hearted supporters the community. Some of them are my friends and many more of them are people I would love to listen to over drinks (green tea for me, please).
They are conducting these events to celebrate who they are and what they believe in. For everyone who can make it there, these events are also an opportunity to show support by either contributing to their fundraising efforts, spreading the word about the Pride Parade, or simply letting them know that we stand with them. An hour of shared happiness and laughter is always a welcome token of being there.

And if you aren’t in Bangalore, or can’t make it to the events for some reason, you can still do your bit.

Like them on FB.png

I feel so good that I was invited to the Queer Potpourri. And that’s why I am opening invitations for anyone reading this post. Please come. The least you will take away is a smile and a little feeling of love. And loads of fun.

Come off!

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