“Aren’t you worried about the money?”

Almost everyone asks me this question. And it is a fair question too. My answer is, “Yes. I worry about it all the time.”

But you might not agree with how I look at money or how I worry about it.

I have a goal in mind. I believe that stories bring people closer. Closer to the truth and closer to one another. And I want to write stories that touch millions of people and brings them closer to their truth and to their loved ones. That is the mountain I am chasing.

Now, there are several roads that take me to the mountain.

To me, money is an enabler. It makes things easier and significantly expands the scope of what all can be achieved in limited time. You can have the latest gear at your disposal and have the best people working with you towards your goal.

Money is the vehicle. Not the road. And definitely not the goal.

Originally sent to a friend in the summer of 2016

So, what did you think about this?

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