While I’m gone away

While I am gone away and cannot be reached,
While this distance stands as a wall unbreached,
While I walk free in the whiteness of the snow,
Painting them in hues that only I may know,
While I stride along unknown roads and paths
While I shrivel away at the thought of baths
While I shiver for want of warmth in the cold,
Burdened though under woolens new and old,
While I discover the depths of friends’ loves,
Crowding together around the heat of stoves,
While I sing and shout and crack laudy jokes,
And drink from the plenty of adventure hopes,
While again next morning I venture forth,
In hopes of adding to my life’s full worth,
While I swerve with the car at every turning,
While I feel celebration whetting my yearning,
While I ape and mirror the smiles unafraid,
But inside gape at and fear the miles ahead,
While so aware that with you I cannot be,
Know that in my hearts I carry you with me.

Originally shared with a friend in the Spring of 2013

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