Wipe Our Slate Clean

Hear me out before you leap
To some unwarranted conclusion
As to what brings me to your keep,
To create what confounded confusion.

I am here under the banner of peace
To foster with you a truce of kinds,
To let this unfortunate deadlock cease,
So finally, there will be rest for our minds.

For four summers full, I have laid this siege
On the walls of our home, starving our state,
Painting them in red where they were biege
Repaying their love, with fiery arrows of hate.

But, I am tired of looking over my shoulders
With the sound of every slipping stone;
Afraid that an avalanche of boulders
Will grind me bloody to the dripping bone.

You may forever keep our father’s seat,
Crown yourself with his Silver Crown,
But break with me some bread and meat
With your crystal smile, not your vain frown.

Oh, you crave to mount my head on a pike,
For all the treasons in your state I’ve stirred,
But ponder once the Balance, in sight of Dike
Of my crimes to the horrors of your wrath incurred.

Distance at once your men from me,
Do not let them spill our father’s red.
Draw it yourself with the blade that we
Coveted, when our father was dead.

Come and take that which is long your due,
In sight of all Gods, let us play this scene
How in our home,with my blood let by you,
I atone for my acts and wipe our slate clean.

Originally published on Quora on January 24, 2013

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