Sunset Among the Clouds

Entering the bosom of the mountain,
Or passing through the curtains of rain,
Drowning into the confines of the oceans,
Following those celestial motions:
Countless though the manners be
Never was it more wonderful to see
Diving into those vaporising shrouds
Beams of pearly light through curly clouds.
A steady descent across the open sky
Annoyingly bright for the men who fly
During those last hours of a dying day
When the sun flares before it wanes away
Like a firebrand most bright before it is out
Painting the firmament crimson all about.
Holding my breath while breathing delight
I saw the transition to red from white
And back again when the sun went through
And the darkness above the vapours grew.
The Sun with its resilience refusing to die
Pierced once before bidding its final goodbye
With luminous blades broadening with length
From under the clouds with its solar strength.

Originally shared with a friend in the Winter of 2012

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