Shamefully aware of your accusations

Shamefully aware of your accusations,
Arrested in time, I bid my head to bow.
Meeting your eye is a labour so large that
Infinity itself will stand ashamed, as I do now.
Kafkaesque, is how I have become, with
Shadows shadowing me through my dreams,
Haunting me with my own guilt and draining
Youthful lustre as blood, amidst my screams.
Atonement I seek: only a chance to chance upon you,
Melting in your solar warmth as once I was wont to.
Ebullience I seek again: freedom to laugh and cry with you.
Heavenly Heavens! Deliver me from this cruel fate of doom
Ere it consumes me whole, leaving a ghost who walks,
Reminding the world of sinners of their imminent gloom.

Originally shared privately with a friend in the summer of 2011

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